Q.  I'm not an international company, can I still use your service?

A.  Yes. ARP Consulting helps companies in the USA and abroad, including companies that have multiple locations in various countries.

Q.  We are a big company, can you handle our needs?

A.  ARP Consulting has the capacity to call in additional team partners when the scope of a project requires more team members. With a host of well qualified partners, no company is too large.

Q.  We are in Pharmaceuticals...  We are an IT company... We are in Advertising... Does it matter?

A.  The industry you are in does not cause strategic and communication problems, people do. It doesn't matter what you do, its all about management.

Q.  Our company has multiple needs, can we make a package deal?

A.  Package deals often work best to cover multiple needs under one price. Once your needs are identified, together we can structure the best way to get your needs met in a financially sensible way.

Q. What do you specialize in?

A.  I specialize in intra-company communication (your corporate culture), cross-cultural relations (including ex-pat's), and the management & motivation of human resources (domestic or international). I also specialize in management of conferences and/or large gatherings, as well as 1 on 1 business or personal projects. INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR NEEDS and I'll let you know if its not my specialty.

Q. We are an NGO, can you help us?

A.  I have completed many projects in non-profit work with high success domestically and internationally.

Q. Do we get anything for free?

A. Yes, your first consult is completely free. Your business needs are identified and a written proposal is sent to you within 24hrs.

Q. Do you come visit us or only work via email?

A. I work to Your Needs which sometimes is best on-site for faster completion, or a combination of on-site + continued work via email and/or SKYPE. Each consulting job is tailored to the needs and the client. Travel expenses are the responsibilityy of the client.

Q. How do we pay you?

A. Hourly pay is the most expensive, yet easiest for simple jobs. Retainer pay works well for ongoing consultation, paying upfront for 10hrs includes a discount. Project pay is the most efficient for budgeting, as one price covers solving problems from start to finish for a flat rate that is often discounted. *Payments can be made via bank wire, check, or online to our registered 501(c)(3) as a donation that may be claimed as tax deductible, adding to your corporate social responsibililty.

Q. What happens if we are not satisfied?

A. "You get your money back, less my expenses incurred."